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Heirloom Antique Style Brass Spiked Collar – Extra Wide Triple Row


Styled after the bulldog collars popular a century ago, this beautiful collar is fashionable, functional, and a superior example of American Made craftsmanship. The width of this 2 inch wide collar and the three rows of spikes is gauranteed to turn heads. 

This collar is tough and classic, with a vintage style that ages with class. We LOVE the "heirloom" line of dog collars produced by Auburn Leathercrafters not just because they look fanstastic when new, but because they wear so well. Wen other collars are wearing out, the heirloom line is just breaking in- these collars slowly develop a rich patina on the leather that compliments the antiqued hardware and completes the vintage look. 

This collar is studded with generous number of antiqued brass spikes that are pointed just enough to up your dog's "street cred" with the other dogs on the block without causing discomfort to your hands when you need to hold your dog by the collar. Though mostly worn for style, spiked collars serve the useful purpose of protecting a dog's neck from fatal bites by wild animals or other dogs. This collar is ideal for livestock gaurdian and working patrol dogs, as the extra width and triple row of spikes provides superior protection.  This USA made collar is created by craftsmen in rural NY state using full grain luxury grade bridle leather (sourced from US hides, this Bridle Leather is incredibly soft and flexible and super-strong) with hand beveled edges for comfort. Each spike is riveted securely through the leather before a thinner, soft layer of nubuck leather is stitched to the interior of the collar. The collar is finished with antiqued brass dee ring and buckle.

Pairs nicely with the Heirloom Leather Leash

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