Pastel Pink Flat Leather Dog Leash - 4 or 6 foot


Don't let the low price fool you, this flat leather Light Pink dog leash is a durable and high quality lead- sure to be your favorite for training and regular walks with your dog. This dog leash is one of our bestsellers, matches almost any of our Pastel Pink leather collars, and is available in a wide variety of sizes and lengths to accommodate your preferences and your dog's size.

Leashes For Large Dogs 4ft x 3/4" 6ft x 3/4"
Leashes For Small Dogs 4ft x 1/2" 6ft x 1/2"
  Confused which size is right? Consult our article, Choosing Leash Length Our Soft Pink Leather Dog Leash is made in rural NY state by master leatherworkers in a 3rd generation small business. Each leash is cut from the highest quality US-produced leather hides, hand beveled and buffed on each side to create a leash that rests comfortably in the hand with no sharp corners, and finished with bright nickle plated hardware, a swivel snap, and capped rivets. This flexible leather lead needs no break in time. Quality Guaranteed! usamade Light pink leads and collars look great with any dog, our pink lead is a soft, girly pink that especially compliments fur in shades of brown, black, white, and grey. This leash's colorfast dye will not transfer onto to skin or fur. GUARANTEE - If you are at all unsatisfied with the material, quality, or workmanship of your lead, or if your leash breaks at any time under normal use please contact us for a replacement or credit towards the purchase of another leash. Please note that 1. Warranty is voided if used for tie out or chewed, and 2. As leather hides come from natural hides and are not synthetically produced there may be very minor blemishes on your lead. We believe Auburn does a great job screening their hides and selecting only the best, but if you receive a leash with an unacceptable blemish please contact us immediately. RECOMMENDED USE: Perfect for daily walks, training, etc. Suiatble for well trained dogs and dogs that pull (choose a wider leash width for a puller) Can be used in all-weather, if used wet allow to air dry and condition if stiff once completely dried. RECOMMENDED CARE: Wipe with a damp cloth occasionally to clean. If the leash becomes obviously soiled or becomes stiff, clean with leather wipes or saddle soap and then oil or condition. (Leashes are treated with a finish designed to maintain moisture and keep them easy to clean, but as you can expect your leash to last several years you may find yourself needing to oil the leash to keep it at it's softest)

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